Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Dearest J.J.

Let me try to describe the gift that you have given to me,
Although, I believe that will be a major undertaking.
Since it is quite difficult to describe in ordinary language.
Your arrival 17 years ago was a conscious decision of Love ....
marked with a miracle.
By far, the finest creative gift was you.
For when you emerged into my world,

With my heart so willing to share its wealth.
There you were, a small wonder; a tiny reflection
Of combined traits which would ultimately be recreated
Into the distinctive person you have become.

I never realized that my heart,
Was so willing to share so much love
With a stranger so small and needy.
You didn't arrive with instructions
It was strictly learn as you go.
The journey you undertook
Was not of a scheduled nature and you again showed us Miracles do happen.

I remember the first time you crawled
Army style on your belly for the longest time.
You walked with support for those many months
But when it came to taking those first steps,
Long after the cake and ice cream that I
Really didn't want you to eat.
It wasn't until that one day, totally unexpected that
You did it all by yourself.

From then on, it seemed to get a little bit easier
Since you had this great disposition
And that smile that went all the way across.
That you turned out to be.
Sharing and loving all the time.
Was not something that you had to learn.

Even at that young age,
You became the teacher, teaching us things we never knew at times.
Ever so patient, so caring, so you.

To carry on a family trait that you will certainly pass on.
As you grew, you obtained a wonderful gift of Love.
I offered you the tools to learn and trust and to be a confident person.
You showed me that you can be an independent person.
That day you climbed on to the yellow school bus for the first time
You looked so small, yet so ready to embark upon a new venture.
It rolled down the street
And so did those tears in my eyes
Not because I was sad but because a new chapter in your life was beginning.

You are an intelligent, sensible, affectionate and sympathetic person,
Who always seems to be there for those whose lives you touch.
You have an extraordinary enthusiasm and passion for learning.
You have the ability to communicate your inner most thoughts,
Where so many your age do not.
I am blessed for that.

Now, you will be going off on your own in a way.
Making decisions that you may not be able to pass by me
That will affect your life.
You may fall down
But I know that you will always pick yourself up
And begin again.
I never thought that I would look up to someone your age
But that has become evident.
As you look at us side by side; the bond will not be broken.
The stranger that entered my life not so long ago,
Has certainly been transformed into a young man.
That I am proud to call . . .
My Son.

***Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new.
All the world is a birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.***

On this day, I thank the Universe for sending me a wonderful son like you.
Happy Birthday with all my love and blessings.


SkyHorse said...

Happy Birthday JJ!

I think your mom is a pro embedding songs to her site now! lol

Soul_Voice said...

Thank you Sam....for your teaching me how to.......LOL

Jie Juan said...

Thanks guys. I'm glad to know that mummy noticed what kind of life I lead on as I age. And yet, she has taught me things that I could apply and help me grow more efficiently and teach me the aspects of independents theoretically and practically. Without my family's love, I will never know what I'll become in this life. But I'm glad you've shown me the path of who I am today..thank you mummy. Love you:)

Yen-Feng said...

Happy birthday JJ.

and lady jade here has just taught me how a mother feel as her child grow up. Thank you lady jade.....for teaching me how to....LOL *cut and paste from lady jade reply*

thank sam for teaching lady jade how to embed songs on hers site to enhance the learning. LOL