Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Friend In Need With Friends In Deed...

You came along when I needed you most
You held my hand, you brought me close
You showed me that tomorrow the sun will shine
And that life ain't half bad more than half the time.

You gave me a hug in your gentle way
And gave your support nearly every day.
Somehow, you always seem to care
Rain or shine, by my side you're there.

You make my life feel like a song
You helped me see that I am strong,
When I felt too weak to stand alone
You tell me I'm not on my own.

For all that you do for me, I am so very grateful.
And each night I find the brightest star
And thank the Universe for giving me so many wonderful friends
with such a caring heart.

This poem is dedicated to all my wonderful friends.
My friends know who they are and I do not have to name them.
For all the good and bad times they have been with me,
May love and light shine on them all throughout their lives!


Circumstances are like a matress:
When we are on top, we rest in comfort;
when we are underneath, we are smothered.

For the recent real bad experience that my family and I went through,
I found one of the most powerful resources of the heart.
That is "Faith" in the higher beings and in ourself.
Opening our hearts to those who need us,
Opening our hearts to those whom we love and who love us.

I was literally thrown to the deepest end of the "unknown".
For a while in our lives we had to reshuffle priorities.
My family (Prince included) was most understanding and they provided me with great strength, that I had lost during that time.
I only knew that I needed to have faith in my beliefs and find my way out.
It was a place I will never ever wish it upon any human being.
If I was in a black hole, there had to be a way out.
Patience and time was what I had to bear with.
This was told to me by a very dear friend.
When I finally got out, I felt deeply relieved and grateful in a way I had not anticipated when those dark days began....

There are some things you learn best when calm, and some in a storm.
In my case it was so traumatic and it was a game of life and death,
but I saw light at the end of the day.
With the help of friends, old and new.
I came back, though not as good as new but I came back.

My friend Carolyn used to say,
When the caterpillar calls it the end;
The butterfly calls it the beginning.
Wherever this beginning takes me to, I am prepared.(come what may)

I have come to terms with what I went through as a lesson learnt, rather than as a dark experience in my life.
Who would want to have this sort of experience anyway,
but everyone needs to learn something that will give them greater strength.

My Spirit Is My Strength!
With thanks to the Universe, Angels,Guides and my Celestial Masters.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The final destination.

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove.

The one thing I want or wish is to be in a "Home" like this one.

Love and Blesings to my Eternal Home!

What would you like your "Home to be, my friends.(smile)