Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I fought away my demons,
That chased me in my life,
For I chose to hear the music,
That was hidden by my screams.

I thought that he was winning,
As my heart began to break,
But whom does he think he's fooling,
My Soul's not his to take!

I stood and faced the Devil,
I refused to sit and hide,
"There's no way you are winning,
There's an Angel by my side!"

I danced in the shadows,
To the tune of life's sweet song,
I danced away my fears,
For they danced with me too long.

As I gazed into the moonlight,
Beneath the velvet sky,
I turned and faced my problems,
Then waved and said "goodbye"

Now I feel the beauty,
Of nighttimes endless choice,
Come share with me this feeling,
Come listen to its voice.

Even as things go downhill
And life becomes hell
Hope floats

Even as the world deserts you
And friends are few
Hope floats

Even as the only thing you have
Is a loneliness that is scary
Hope floats

Even as all seems lost and
Time remains a few grains of sand
Hope floats

Even as life seems beyond complaint
And strains of joy become faint
Hope floats

There may be nothing else to do
Than survive
And yet…as the self becomes distant
From the soul
There’s a voice that says
Hope floats...