Sunday, June 24, 2007

Miracles Of My Life........

Call it a miracle or call it a reserve of strength activated by a tremendous surge of adrenalin – We start looking for what we needed to face the crisis.
And so it is with all of us. We have strength, given by our Creator, to overcome seemingly impossible challenges ahead.
We may feel weak or unable to cope, but we have been designed with sufficient power to meet those obstacles which may appear insurmountable.
Call it what you will, I will call it a Miracle.

***A very good friend of mine, someone I consider an Angel told me not too long ago to surrender myself whole heartedly to The Universe and my Masters. Totally!!! she said.
My eyes was wide open and just nodded my head.
I remember, I cried and I cried while she went on and on with instructions.
I was told to do that in order to let go and let them take over and decide what is best for me.

I began to think about how to use it in my own life.
It left me thinking very hard and took me sometime to realize what she really meant.
I was carrying so much and I was beginning to get real tired and could hardly move on with my life.
I wanted so much that inner peace and a raging desire to get the very best out of life and to make the most of things till my end of time.

Just like any other morning, waking up with so much of heavy weights on my shoulder.
I decided to do what I should do.
I am going to set myself free.
Into my prayer room I go.
Filled with tranquility, I could almost feel they (my Masters, Guides and Angels) were all waiting for me.
Yes, my big day to make an important decision.
I did the necessary stuff, made myself comfortable and I meditated.
Very relaxed I was and I just knew its time…..Letting go and setting free!

I took the piece of paper and pen which was prepared.
I started writing to my guardian angels.

I sought the help of my guardian angels to help with conflict resolution.
I pleaded with my guardian angels to speak to the enemy's guardian angel.
I requested that my guardian angel to have an ---angel to angel (talk) with their guardian angel about finding a win-win situation. (I know it sounded a little crazy here.)
But that's not what's important
In really thinking through what I want to say in the letter,
I was writing to my guardian angels and asking them to deliver the message for me.
Again, whether you pray to them or write to them, it forces you to find the words to say exactly what it is you want to say.
Perhaps that's where the magic lies.
I don't know, but if I had written some vague nothingness in the sky, then nothing might happen.
I believe it only works when I'm writing my pains, agony and truth to the angels with Love.
Maybe they're real and maybe they're not, but believing they're real and that they'll help might just work its magic on me.

I guess I end up sending out a prayer after all.
It's just a different form of prayer.
What matters is that the process served its purpose.
Peace and harmony was created as felt, than before I had started writing to the angels.
It really worked very nicely after I took that leap of faith and asking.

I'm not much for praying in the traditional down on your knees but on that day I did.
My knees hurt but I pay more attention to keeping my hands in that saintly position and trying to really connect with any form of a higher celestial type being…….
And yes I was desperate!!! Especially after many failed attempts.

When a “big” prayer is answered, can we prove it was a miracle?
To those of us who have received one, we need no proof.
We just know that it was. The experience is one of an internal recognition that is so indescribably profound as to alter your life forever.
I revel in the belief that I was blessed with not one, but several miracles during the course of my life.

Miracles happen every day- big and small, quiet and loud, known and unknown.
We sometimes believe in miracles when we can see it right away.
At times, we forget that some miracles take a little longer.
I believe I recently witnessed some miracles which I fully appreciate.
There is something amazing for everyone to experience in this life.
If we can live without limitations……we can create magnificent Miracles.

A miracle is “an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.”

@I surrender myself totally and whole heartedly to The Universe and My Masters@

@May the Angel of Faith protect my heart and mind with light and love@


Yen-Feng said...

Lady Jade, Thanks for teaching me in believing miracles.

As i read thru the paragraph on praying in traditional down on knees, I do not know why, but tears started to flow from my heart and flow thru my eyes. Lady jade strong belief in miracles touches my heart, i'm pretty sure it touches the angels heart as well. Miracles shall happens.

KS Cheah said...


I believe miracles happen because they are just there waiting to happen and that is the same with what I term, "anti-miracle".

The word "miracle" has a positive connotation as opposed to "anti-miracle" which may be defined as really bad luck that occurs against all odds and causes bad consequences; it is as if the "heavens" are playing dirty tricks!

Going through life waiting for miracles when there would be an equal chance of an anti-miracle occurring in your life, means that your time is better spent preparing for occasions when shit hits the fan.

You can only depend on yourself. So as a man, you have to be able to discern what is sentimental and what is pragmatic. So save your tears; you will need them when you face an anti-miracle! And face one you will.

Miracles only happen to those they happen to; and so do anti-miracles. Comprende?

Unker Cheah

Chee Hoe said...

Miracles happen for a reason. Be it sheer determination, an act of chance or something else. When it do come its a blessing beyond words, be it big or small.

One should believe in one self, work hard for what they believe in and just look forward without regret. When miracles happen in such incidence, one learn to appreciate it even more and would work even harder to gain what we really wish for.

AHH said...

i think Miracles happen when you WILL it to happen, we create our own miracles;

all we need is to have;


Yen-Feng said...

Unker cheah,

i have been having 'anti-miracles' for months and years. Just as i was about to give up, there i saw lady jade post and my tear just flow. Basically i'm blowing raining clouds away by oscillating a paper fan. I know it might be a total waste of effort, only believing in miracles will kept my fighting spirit on.

Well, there will be tears in the future for sure but it shall be the tears of glory because the tears of pain is out.

Thanks Unker Cheah for all the advise u have given me. A piece of advise is a piece of improvement in me. Same goes to Lady jade advise. Thanks.

SkyHorse said...

Reading this post, along with the comments of fans, I've heard miracle being played in loops 3 times! Hehe...

My personal miracle is in the brewing (making it happen on me), I wished! I have probably experienced miracles before, I think so. If not, I wont be existed. Life itself is full of miracles...

I'm all praying for my ultimate miracle to happen, that is my true love...

My angel of love!

KS Cheah said...

Hi Sam, Chee Hoe and Ninja,

I think you guys take the true meaning of the word “miracle” (or for that matter, “anti-miracle”) too flippantly. I get the distinct impression that you equate a miracle to merely a crystallization of your hopes or an achievement of a goal.

Mind you I am no Christian but I shall use familiar Biblical examples to illustrate the magnitude of what can be termed a miracle. Moses parting of the Red Sea was a miracle(to the pursuing Egyptians, it was an anti-miracle) and so was the raising of Lazarus from the dead by Jesus.

Sam, if you think it would take a miracle for you to find your true love then you are not doing justice to your innate good qualities. As to your “three times” theory; maybe it would be a miracle when that dishy girl in the unit below your apartment knocks three times on her ceiling when she wants you-just like Tony Orlando’s hit song. :o)

Chee Hoe, you seem to imply that miracles are possible through sheer determination. Well maybe, but this would be more a matter of diligence and the human resolve. By themselves they will probably make you achieve your ambition which can hardly be termed a miracle.

Ninja, I think you would be better off investing in a cloud seeding plane. That way, you can ensure the rain clouds shed their load on someone else’s parade. If you think you only have a paper oscillating fan, then you only deserve a paper oscillating fan.

Jill, you probably are the nearest to getting it right. Maybe you should add another ingredient; the indefatigable character to persevere with an indestructible spirit to explore all options.

SkyHorse said...

Mr Cheah,

Thks for the elaboration of 'miracle'. I agree that the next girl whose gonna appear in my life need not be a miracle...hehee!


KS Cheah said...

Hi Sam,

Here's wishing that the right girl find you soon. Maybe you have already found her amongst your circle of acquaintances but have not recognized her yet.