Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Soul .

My soul gave me a good teaching,
Teaching me to love what the people abhor
and to show good will, towards the one they hate.
It showered me that love is a property not of the lover
but of the beloved.
Before my soul taught me,
Love for me a delicate thread stretched between two adjacent pegs,
but now has been transformed into a halo;
its first is its last,
It encompasses every being,
slowly expanding to embrace all that ever will be.

My soul gave me a good counsel,
teaching me to find the beauty concealed in a face,
a color, a complexion, and to gaze intently to what the people think ugly,
until it shows me its comeliness.
Before my soul taught me,
I saw beauty as quivering flames between pillars of smoke;
but it faded and I no longer see anything,
but the kindling that bursts into flame.

My soul gave me a good counsel,
Teaching me to listen to the voices
Not produced by tongues,
Nor shouted from throats.
Before my soul taught me,
My ears are weary and ailing,
Even if I walk with the light,
I am not the light;
And even if I am a taut-stringed lute,
I am not the player.

Now I have learned that the place where I subsist in all places,
and the space I occupy is all intervals.
In addition, I was conscious only of uproar and discord.
Now I sip at silence and listen to its inwardness that chants songs of eons,
Reciting praises of the sky,
Announcing mysteries of the Unseen.

May the Universe bless my Soul!

*Kahlil Gibran*............I existed from all eternity and,behold,
I shall exist till the end of time,
for my being has no end...

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