Monday, August 07, 2006

Master Quan Yin.

Quan Yin is a representative on the Karmic Board of the Seventh Ray, which is the ray that we will be feeling strongly in the New Consciousness of the Aquarian Age. Quan Yin has moved strongly to the forefront of the Western consciousness in the last ten years, as she works now with western consciousness as well as with the eastern; she brings in the qualities of compassion and gentleness, which are sorely needed in our war-torn consciousness.

The greatest quality that Quan Yin brings to us is flowing, particularly a flowing of feeling; a flowing of feeling, not of emotion, within and through both men and women. Quan Yin makes everything flow easily, and perhaps this quality has something to do with mercy, and the forgiveness that she holds for humanity.

As we know, our emotional body, astral body, and our minds all need cleansing, so Quan Yin is helping everything, and everyone, to become undammed; to become flowing and purified within.

You are ready for the new once you are cleansed and purified. She helps you go through this process and, as we know, everything that flows smoothly is healthy, whether it is in your own being, your own physical body, or the Earth itself and its environment.

Tuning in to, or working with, Quan Yin’s energy is a very beautiful experience. She is the most gentle of Ascended Masters, and yet there is great strength in her energy. She always has a dragon with her: the dragon is her friend, her protector, guardian and keeper.
As is true of us, the gentleness within her must always have protection, and this is what the dragon provides.

Quan Yin also brings a new energy to the new consciousness – and this new energy is the Way of the Goddess. She is very feminine, very very gentle, co-operative, responsive, nurturing, seeking the Light, seeking goodness in everyone – and yet having a great inner strength as well.

This energy that radiates from her is tremendously healing. Everyone, no matter their age, needs this nurturing, gentle energy of the cosmic mother.

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