Friday, July 28, 2006

My Guardian Angels.

How can one explain
A feeling in the air?
How can one explain
A feeling that is very rare?

How can one define
Someone who is always there....
One who says
"No matter what I will always care and love and protect you"

A lot of times I think of this
When I am feeling down, going through real tough times.
And by the time I am through with it
High spirits come around.

There have been so many times
When I was happy and well
I wished I could share.
And I just knew you are there
With unconditional love and smiles feeling glad.

To leave your Home in Heaven
Just to guard a child like me.

Your beautiful and shining face
I cannot see, though you are so near to me.
The sweetness of your voice
I cannot really hear
I can only feel them in the heart that you have given me.

When I pray, you're praying too
Your prayers are just for me.
When I sleep you never do
You're watching over me.

The teachings and guidance you have parted to me
Shall remain in my heart forever till we meet.

I thank the Universe for being blessed with parents like you.

With all my love and may you rest in peace together till eternity!



Anonymous said...

You are a good human being and I am sure your parents were awesome people to have given you great values. God Bless you Jeannie!

Anonymous said...

Aunty Jeannie,

I feel very touch and admire you everytime because you have a lot of inspirations to write on the blogs.

Wonderful people with a kind hearted person like you and your family will always be bless by God.

I am taking this opportunity to say a big Thank You to you, Uncle Cheah and family for the great help and support to my beloved parents and family especially my dad who is going his chemo...

Love always..


Dalai Baru ( CK ) said...

I am touched...

Just to share this little poem with you :

My Angel

There's an Angel within me who KNOWS what I need.
I can have what I ask for, if I only BELIEVE.
My Angel is with me where ever I go.
If there is DANGER ahead, my Angel will KNOW.
When I KNOW in my HEART, and can SEE with my mind,
I can have what I ask for. I'm a child of the DIVINE.
If I want something SPECIAL, I need only to THINK.
My Angel within me, creates, QUICK AS A WINK!
My Angel and I, are ONE of a kind.
When I want to SEE one, I can LOOK, with my MIND.

by Pauline DiBenedetto"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

for some reason i feel to add here a "note from the universe i got a week ago

to tell a bit more: i am subscribed to a site that issues every weekday a "note from the universe" they sometimes make to laugh or just give a deep reflection about what is happening

last week's friday note was....

"Adversity, challenges, and bumps in the road, are often the first signs that a great healing has begun. Especially when one seeks to understand them.

OK... so... let's talk about something zippier. Did you know that by simply thinking of someone, you can often cause them to think of you?

Thinking of you-
The Universe "

found that i had to put this one here not sure why but well here you go :)


Anonymous said...

Here are some links that I believe will be interested

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

Anonymous said...

Parents are not just your guides and protectors. They are your greatest inspiration. Parents always keep in mind on how to keep a family together and be close to one another. They are the 'guardian angels' past,present and future. Their true love is there. We cannot forget the wonderful smiles they put on our faces. Because home is where the heart is. And parents are always the ones to keep the house filled with happiness and harmony that heaven has given them the 'gift' to make our lives rich and pure with love.

Soul_Voice said...

With a grandson like you, I am sure they are very happy and proud.
They are looking after you as well.
Having a son like you is one of biggest dreams come true for me.
Our children's love/laughter is the one true thing that make a house into a "home".
Loving you always and forever.