Friday, July 20, 2007

A Prayer For Jeannie

From: M.N.T. [deleted] Sent: 17 July 2007 18:01 To: Cheahs Subject: A Prayer For jeannie

Dear Mr. Cheah,

I am equally sad of the unfortunate demise of your loving wife. I am happy to have known her. She had a happy disposition always. Mike and his RMC colleagues have their own religion. I am bored to tears. I am a Muslim and will remain so forever despite Mike's "secular humanist" belief. Its , perhaps, it little late but please accept my prayers:

"Ya Tuhan ku ampunilah Puan Jeannie Cheah dan angkatkanlah darjatnya ke dalam golongongan orang-orang yang terpimpin, gantikanlah dia selepas permigiannya, ampunilah bagi kami dan baginya. Wahai Tuhan ku yang mentadbir alam dan lapangkanlah baginya dalam kuburnya dan chahayakanlah baginya didalam nya."


Fazilah Tan Abdullah
My Dear Faz,

Thank you so much for your prayer for Jeannie. Though you guys met only fleetingly, she really liked you. Wherever she is, I am sure she received your good thoughts and prayer.

If you do not mind, I will be posting your prayers in the her/my blog.

Best regards.


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