Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bless The Day We Found Us.......

Our 17th Wedding Anniversary...Febuary 2003

Anniversary Speech

I was just thinking of Saturday and wondered what I would say if asked to make a speech. What would I say indeed?

One thing’s for sure, there is so much that I could say about us that most of those present can already see; yet there is nothing I can say that will ever show them the true love we share and the relationship that we have.

There are those who wonder why we have chosen to celebrate a 17th wedding anniversary. I find this interesting because it is a natural tendency to measure a relationship in terms of the numbers of years clocked. I suppose it is all a matter of perspective.

Ours has always been one of a countdown rather than of notching the years. A conscious decision we made to cherish and relish our remaining years together has enhanced our relationship and defined our marriage.

Every anniversary we share reduces the number of anniversaries we have left; yet we are happy. We are happy to have found each other, we are happy to be together, we are happy to walk together.

My darling, you are to me more precious than life. If given a choice between immortality without you, and counting down years together with you, I would choose the finite.

May the years we have left be more than the 17 wonderful years we have shared as "US".

Though star-blazed skies my mind contained.
The solitude of night my heart concealed,
Love's emotions were so fully restrained,
Thus did I hide behind a self-made shield.
And then you entered into my life.

Bewildering feelings, dazed and confused,
But you continued deeper like a knife,
Until my hardness was thus subdued.
What I never thought possible for me,
You've done and that I'll always treasure.

My heart burns fervent with love for thee,
Our souls delight in each beyond all measure.
And as you place that ring onto my finger.
I know for certain I'm enraptured with an angel divine.

You and I
Pure destiny
Forever meant to be.
Immutable! Inseparable! So unbelievable!
I’ve never told you just how much I needed
your every touch and sigh.
So beautiful
So meaningful
So wonderful.
You’re everything I wanted
or have ever dreamed of
and I feel as if
I’ve been reborn
into a mystic universe
pulsing with your love.

Just hold me close, feel my heartbeat and walk in my soul
I will breathe for the both of us.
Something has awakened in us.
Those words simply cannot describe it.....

Bleed my last drop brings forth a whole new day, love and dies for you
whatever comes our way.
And throughout this universe I dare to say.
There is not another that could make my heart so sway.

"I am grateful for having you in my life, and I thank my good stars for me to have found you"

Love and Blessings to "US" and may the Universe bless us with many more to come....


KS Cheah said...

My Darling,

What we share is immutable indeed yet it evolves within the framework of what we want to be for each other.

It is this selfless devotion to each other that makes all good things possible and separation impossible.

The natural ease with which we move together can only mean we are meant to be; a relationship forged in another time and plane.

Forever yours.


Yen-Feng said...

Congratulation to Unker Cheah and Lady Jade.

Seriously, both of you are one of the most loving couple I ever seen. It gives me a feeling that both of you are just married and having your honeymoon years. Not like some, totally cold and frozen. :D

cheesecake said...

I'm holding back tears when I read this post and listen to the accompanying music...
Just this afternoon I was browsing this blog but left no comment. Now, here I am. Going thru it again..at 11.40pm on 12th of July. An hour after I heard the news. Jeannie, we may knew each other not long enough. But I knew you were one special lady. Very fun loving and warm. We will miss you especially when the 'gang' gets together again...May God bless you and bestow you happiness wherever you are..

To Cheah, Krystyn and JJ...she will always be with you...your guardian angel. Take care.


SkyHorse said...

Lady Jade Phoenix,

You didnt say goodbye, but we know you had it prepared. Your departure is a great loss to us, but we would remember you as an angel who touched our hearts in our path of life and it was an honour to have known you.

May you be free like a phoenix and finally home to universe.

To Mr Cheah, Krystyn and JJ, angel Lady Jade lives forever in your sweet memories. Take good care!

Yen-Feng said...

Lady Jade,

May u have smooth journey to the universe....Although u left without any words to us, but we know love is what you will say.

Condolence to the Cheah's family. Be strong. Lady jade will always beside you.....the memories and thoughts of lady jade will always be there to guide and to love.

Anonymous said...

Jeannie will always be my one true friend and loving sister. Looking through her beautiful pictures, I will always remembered the wonderful times we shared together and the long conversations we've had over the phone. Although we were separated by distance, we were always there for each other. My biggest regret is that I didn't have a chance to say goodbye although she has been preparing me to face this moment everytime we speak.

Uncle Cheah, Krystyn and JJ, may you have strength during this difficult time, may you find peace knowing that she is in a better place now and may you find faith that she is with us for all times.

I will truly miss you dearest Jeannie...Love you forever

Stanley said...

Dear Lady Jade,

Under both the bright sun and starry sky, you have said many Hellos to get you through the final Goodbye.

Your affection and dauntlessness to your family shall make them grow great and strong and free, which we felt you blessed upon us too.

Lady Jade, May you have smooth journey to the universe.

To the Cheah family, Lady Jade will always be with you...