Monday, May 21, 2007

Angel for you......

It's amazing what can truly happen,
How your life can be so grand;
When you give up trying on your own
And let an angel hold your hand.

All the loneliness inside of you
Will completely disappear;
When you realize you're not alone,
That your angel is very near.

Your life will become more meaningful,
As well as totally rearrange;
You'll be amazed at all that you can do,
At the blessings of the change.

You will be able to handle anything,
There is nothing you can't face;
With your angel there to lead you
Your entire life will fall in place.

Just give up trying on your own,
And allow your angel to lead;
All of the Universe blessings will come to you,
And all you must never forget is Faith!

No matter what you are called to do,
How simple or complex the task;
Your angel will be there to show the way,
All you have to do is ask.

Don't ever let yourself feel discouraged,
Feel this thought within your soul;
All the things you've ever dreamed of
Will become a reachable goal.

So let your angel hold your hand,
Your life will be so complete;
Prepare to conquer the tasks of life,
There will be no battle you can't defeat.

*Dedicated to Halley and Jill. May you have an angel watching over you always.*
With Blessings, Love and Light.


Anonymous said...

By walking to the new path in life, love, blessing, and angels come along.

Just like a dance, every step with gracefully movement,
and you can see the smiles lighthened on the face.
The melody continue playing.
There will be a person for us to dance,
and the angel is there to help us when we fall. So it is not a solo dance.

And this lovely passage delivered into the heart...

With love

AHH said...

Faith is what i will hold on to from now on. And with this angel here, i shall never feel alone or at lost; for ASK i shall..

Thank You.

With Love Always

Soul_Voice said...

With Faith and cannot be very far wrong.....:)

With Love always.....