Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Hurdle Race.

The days and years drift by very quickly.
A friend asked me one day, how and what I thought of this very simple word called “Life”
I thought for a while and started to recall my own.
I can only think of my own anyway.
After a few minutes, I told her this.
I think life is like a hurdle race.

It brought me back to my school days.
Months before the school sports, we were supposed to participate in all kinds of athletics events to score points for the house (color)
Then there is the hurdle race that I cannot forget.
You will start with a very simple low hurdle and you start running and jumping over every single one of them until you come to the finish line.

Great! Says the teacher, now you will have to come back and start all over again.
Only this time she will raise the hurdle a little bit higher.
Not a problem, go repeatedly.
We go run and jump over those hurdles with your friends cheering for you and when you fall, we all laughed.

Then the height went so high that either you fall or the hurdle would.
This not very nice teacher will just tell you to get lost.
At that point, you are actually happy because you do not need to run and jump anymore.
Sit under the tree and laugh until a friend joins you and we can talk or even compare the cuts and bruises we have achieved but not the trophy. We were happy to be left out of that race.

Today, life as I see it is just like my hurdle race in school.
Only difference, when you fall in the beginning, you get up and try repeatedly.
As the years go by and the more hurdles you got to jump.
You get very tired with age and this time you do not laugh as you use to.
This time you cry.
Tears have replaced the laughter.

Therefore I see life today still as one hurdle race after another, hurdles going higher and more difficult.
It finally got into my mind what that simple looking race is really about.
It was something we were all going to go through but not many will relate back to that simple/difficult hurdle race.
Little did I know at that time, life was going to be the same as that race?

In my life, other than those hurdles that I have so many times jumped over.
I was to live life in this silly hurdles race.

I went on with my friend telling her that I have viewed life as a hurdles race.
Each time you go through one hurdle, there will be another waiting for you.
The race will not end until the final hurdle.
In addition, the faster you reached the finishing line.
The sooner you need to come back to the starting point and start all over again.
What then do you do? She asked.
I told her, through experiences and falls,
I am begin to get very tired and yet more adept but I realized that this race will go on for as long as we live. Hurdles are the surest sign of life!
I have chosen to run slow and jump slow.
I want to take my time. Whether there is a reward or not, I am going slowly.
In this way, I will not fall so easily and painfully and if I do not finish the race fast.
I will not need to come back to the starting point so fast to face another stretch of perhaps higher hurdles waiting for me.
In addition, I said to her, in a race like this.
No one can help you; you will have to finish them all on your own.
So why not go slowly, what is the hurry?
The hurdles will always be there but not your strength.
You need to rest and then go again.
Even if you did not finish the race.
You will not be a loser; it is probably that you are just too tired to want to try harder.
In concluding to our conversation, I have left my friend thinking very hard and she thanked me, for seeing life in this simple manner.
Something taught to us when we were young.
Certainly it is a case of sports imitating life!

I have shared this with my family, especially my kids.
Let them think for themselves how I see life.
They will probably come to me someday and tell me their version.
I hope what I have said to them will at least leave a little thought into their minds.

My sixteen-year-old son insisted on taking a part time job during his school holidays.
Very seriously, he gets on this job-hunting thing.
I sit back and watched for sustained enthusiasm.
Okay, I saw it. He is serious, I thought to myself.
He had shown me his determination and that is good enough for someone his age.
I called an old friend and asked him if he would give my son a part time job.
He got his job and was thrilled.
He make sure he finishes what has to be done around the house so I will not be too tired.
He went to work for the first time in his life yesterday and knowing he is safe, I was comfortable.
Then a message came on my phone.
It was from my son, saying he is fine and it was his break time.
He asked how have I been feeling and if I am well (was really sick for many days)
Tears welled in my eyes. Feeling so much love and looking at the picture of him as a little boy, happiness took over.

When he came home, he quietly asked me.
Is this part of that hurdle race you are talking?
I answered him, feeling very proud of him and said…….yes my son.
Go slow and take your time.
I feel bliss just knowing he finally got what I was trying to say.
You see, I have always been telling my kids, when the time is right.
I will let you go but slowly.

Another race has just begun!

Given a choice, I will not be the one who will keeps raising the hurdles.
May they go slow and jump over every of their hurdles in front of them.

Meanwhile, I have chosen my pace.
I am going slowly with my race.
Been running too fast and too much for too long.
My own hurdle races and experiences have equipped me to watch and guide my two wonderful angels.

Nothing happens without a reason.

*There is no shortcut to life. To the end of our days, life is a lesson imperfectly learned*


Anonymous said...

God Bless you and your family my dear friend

Anonymous said...

I am an online friend of Jenny Wang and I read a conversation with you and Jenny on her 360 page. Your words are beautiful. I am glad I followed the link to this page. To me life has never make much sense no matter how hard I have tried to. But that doesnt mean I will not stop going forward with the time I have. Your words made so much sense to me that it was scary reading them. I wish you the best of luck and your words will remain with me for sure.

Soul_Voice said...

Dear esteban,
Thank you for visiting my blog.
My words may sound scary to some but that is a fact of life.
Words from our soul can only bring out the truth if only you listen to them. Feel free to come back again.
Good luck to you too and bless be.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeannie,

I must say this, thank you for offering me a great
opportunity to read, share, be touched, smile with you
and all others who visited you at your soulful space.
It is from your heart and your soul, I can feel it.

I may not have a long speech to say coz we know that
life is sometimes a battle with limited time. It is
also something we can not decide its length,
nevertheless, we may can decide the width.

Just like the hurdle race, you can't give up on
trying, but you can slow down a little bit, take a
breath, so as to refresh yourself to see what is the
best for you.

I feel it is very inspiring from your entries, from
what your friends' share and, coming along with faith
and love.

If we cry,
we do happy tears

if darkness falls
we ought to wait
for the sunrise at the dawn

if winter arrives,
we know
spring will be blossom in the sunshine

if life goes suffering
the incarnated soul
is leading to eternity for happiness.

so why not cherish
our everyday treasure
love, peace, family and friends
that help you

through the lines
like sparkling in our eyes

through the darkness
like a candle that warms your heart

through the chilly winds
like a shield that surrounds you

through the bitterness
like the heavenly sweet angels sing

hope you like this little poem for you, and your faith
and your belief, your strength and your courage.



Anonymous said...

all started from a question: what is life? life is that part of time that is happening with or without us. i will not complain of any part and i am happy to see strong people as you. i am Jenny's friend Esteban is...
Don't you think there is a connection between people? Words are to be said and to be shared in thoughts. Thank you for your words :) Camelia